Dear friends, lovers, sailors and pirates,


here is a new song we wanna share with you:
It is called 'Holding on' and it will be part of our new album 'Stranger Places' that will be released on April 12th.

We cannot wait to share these 10 songs with you all.
We put a lot of effort in every single one, tried to develop our music style, sailed into unknown waters and eventually explored new land.

We shot a small lyric-video for you, directed by Elena Maler (Lise Lenna) and edited by Bernd Wolfram. We hope you enjoy it!

Listen to 'Holding on' wherever you want:

See you soon
Love, LBS

Written & Directed by Elena Maler
Graphic Artist: Bernd Wolfram


Produced by Little Big Sea & Elena Maler
© 2018 INK Music, Little Big Sea, Elena Maler, Bernd Wolfram


'Holding On' Written by Little Big Sea Produced by Rudi Maier
Recorded and mixed by Rudi Maier and Simon Frontzek
Mastered by Martin Scheer